Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kebudayaan Indonesia Pantai Lagoi

Lagoi Beach is one of the tourism pride District of Bintan, Riau Islands Province. World class tourism has beautiful natural scenery and clean environment. Coconut tree in a neat row along the coastal edge is also one of the attractions in the area Lagoi Beach. In addition to the natural beauty, friendliness of local people is also a distinctive feature, so it is able to fascinate the traveler who visited the area this tour.

The existence of the beach tourism Lagoi also supported with the natural beauty of the other not less interesting, namely Sebong River, Mangrove Forest, and the various resorts. Different place each offers a beautiful panorama of nature and its particular specialty.

Lagoi visit the beach you can see the waves deburan while doing activities such as bathing, swimming, or Dive the beautiful marine base. Once satisfied to enjoy water activities on this holiday can sunbathe on the white carpet of sand and a vast land, while enjoying the warm sun. You can also stroll through the beauty of relaxed coastal beaches and breathe the cool water.

Once satisfied to enjoy the panorama of nature, the tourist can also enjoy the beauty and comfort of resort-resort that is located hundreds of meters away from this beach. At the resort, the tourist will be able to play golf, swim in the swimming pool, enjoy the spa, see the beauty of the sea vehicle, and perform activities such as diving, snorkeling, and others.

Traveler can also continue the tour through the beautiful River Sebong with a fishing boat to rent. During the trip, a traveler can see the beautiful variety of mangrove plants. Landscape is another interesting variety of plants that grow in the fertile river fringe Rhizophora, mangroves, Pandanus, and nipah trees that are rare. From the top of the boat, the traveler can also see the wild animals-animals that live on the fringe of River Sebong.

For the traveler who love fishing, you can visit the rookery owned small fishermen in the estuary of the River Sebong. Hut-hut made of small trees and mangroves this nipah leaves, usually used to catch fish and squid bleary.

Specialties in the Mangrove Forest River, namely the condition of water Sebong divided into three types: salt water, brackish water, and fresh water. From this area, tourists can see different species of plants that live in it. In the area of salt water for example, a traveler can see the types of species of Rhizophora. In the brackish water zone with the type of plants, there are Bruguiera. While on the fresh water plants, there is a type of xylocarpus.

Lagoi Beach is located in the District of Bintan Utara, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. Lagoi to the beach, traveling can be started from Tanjung Pinang by using the rental car, taxi, or travel. From the city of Tanjung Pinang to travel to the location will usually take about 1.5 hours. For tourists from Batam, travel can be started from the port of crossing Telaga Punggur. From this port, a traveler can speed boat ride to the Tanjung hair with costs around Rp 30.000 per person. Tanjung until after the snow, and then take a taxi to the tourist beach Lagoi. Travel from Tanjung snow to a location tour takes approximately 15-25 minutes. In addition to speed boat, tourists can also ride ferry from Telaga Punggur to Lagoi. Lagoi ferry to operate as many as 3 times each day.

For Convenience of the traveler, the tourist beach area there are various facilities such as hotels, ranging from class to class star jasmine, Villas, restaurants, souvenir stalls, bathroom / Rinse room, parking area which is quite wide, the equipment lease rod, and others. Besides there are also stalls selling typical cuisine Bintan Howl-brain and the brain. Sound of barking sea snail that is cooked like a sate. While the brain is a brain-sea fish that is cooked with sago palm leaf wrapped.

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