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Budaya Indonesia - Pasola Tradition

If you choose to holiday island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, you should consider the appropriate time to be able to see the game called traditional maneuver Pasola. War is a game Pasola two groups' army 'of a horse throw a javelin (Spear wood) in the Savanna. The etimologis, Pasola comes from the word 'Sola' or 'hola', which means Spear or javelin of wood. After the particle get 'pa' to 'pasola' or 'pahola', it means a game using a Spear dexterity.

According to local story, a tradition born out of this unique story of love chic beautiful widow named Kaba Wednesday. Before accepting the status of widows, wife Wednesday Kaba is valid from Umbu Dula, one of the leaders of the three brothers Waiwuang. Two other brothers named Ngongo Tau Masusu and Yagi Waikareri. As told in the site, three brothers and this Farewell to The Residents Waiwuang to go to sea. However, they go to the beach area south of East Sumba to take rice. After so long, it appeared that the three brothers is never home. Locals also search impressions but they were unable to find it. Finally, discuss the ritual of mourning and the three brothers had died.

Short stories, beautiful widow deceased wife Umbu Dulla then make love with TEDA Gaiparona, a handsome young man from the village of Kodi. However, because the regulations do not require traditional mourning them, this pair of lovers to marry and then fled. That is beautiful widow diboyong by TEDA Gaiparona to Kodi village. Not long after marrying running events, the three brothers Ngongo Tau Masusu, Yagi Waikareri, Umbu Dula and return home to Kampung Waiwuang, and find the news Wednesday that the Kaba has been taken by TEDA Gaiparona Flee.

Any dispute can not be dodged. Three brothers with all citizens Waiwuang ask TEDA Gaiparona questioned because it was run Wednesday Kaba. Finally an agreement was born, the TEDA Gaiparona should replace belis (dowry) is received by the widow of the beautiful family Umbu Dulla. Once it was a customary marriage can take place. After the wedding, the TEDA Gaiparona order so that citizens carry Pasola. In this way, it is expected that both the village's revenge can be released with the game and compete maneuver dexterity javelin throw from the top of the horse.

Implementation Pasola actually own a part of the ritual belief Marapu (local religious community Sumba). According to the site, in the belief Marapu, the most important element is to maintain harmony between human beings with the fathers. For, this is the spirit of the ancestors will bring fertility and Prosperity for them. Nah, the game is usually held Pasola as the peak of the party Nyale Festival, the traditional ceremony to invoke the blessing of the gods and spirit so that the ancestor of the harvest year was successful with both.

Pasola delivery time depends on the matter of Indigenous Elders (Rato) that interpret the various signs of nature, including cyclo-week. Calculation of this Rato perhaps never fumble. Evidence, every day of the Pasola, the beach there are usually many nyale (sea worms) as a sign of the start of the game Pasola. In the Christian calendar, Pasola held between the months of February to March in several places in the Regency of West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

In a game that is challenging and dangerous, tourists can see directly the two groups' Kstaria Sumba 'a face-to-face each other, and the horse is Spur Frisky, while occasionally go javelin towards the opponent. Not only advanced horse and javelin throw, participants Pasola is also very agile avoid hack stick thrown by the opponent. Clip-clop of horses feet surround the fields, sound horse whinny and shout cruel penunggangnya naturally accompany music into the game. Not screaming audience of women who encourage the 'heroes' fight them on the field. That is the atmosphere tense and challenging game in Pasola.

In this game, participants had to prepare a special wooden stick along with the 1.5 meter diameter of 1.5 centimeters. Although the rod is a blunt, this game is not rare traumatic participants, can even eat the soul of the victim. The blood run down in the arena Pasola are considered beneficial for soil fertility and crop success. Meanwhile, if there is a victim of the soul, then the victim is considered impunity from the gods because it has been a Breach of conduct. Participants were exposed to Pike, if possible, can respond in this arena. However, if the match has been completed, while the participants are still curious to reply to hack stick opponent, then he must be patient to wait for Pasola the following year. For, in Pasola not be justified for long, let alone make retaliation outside the arena Pasola.

According to the implementation of Pasola not only a game that is physical (profan), but also represents the obedience of faith embraces Marapu in implementing the customs ancestor. Because of the Sacred, the implementation Pasola before the Elders and traditional semedi do lakutapa (Fasting) to invoke blessings of goodness to the ancestors and gods.

In addition to Sacred have value, the functional Pasola can also be viewed as elements in the community unifier Sumba. As the story about the origin of muasal Pasola, namely to remove the rancor between the Village Waiwuang and Kodi, the Pasola up to now has been a place silaturrahmi and brotherhood among citizens. At the time of rest, for example, when entering the lunch hour, participants and spectators will fuse into one to enjoy the typical food Pasola, the Ketupat. In short, between two people in the citadel of a 'war' in Pasola equally invited to laugh and rejoice with dexterity while witnessing the Equestrian.

Pasola Games held in four villages in West Sumba Regency. The four villages are Kodi village, Lamboya Kampung, Kampung Wanokaka, and Gaura village, West Sumba District, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Pasola implementation in the four villages is done in turns, between the months of February to March each year (coinciding with the Traditional Nyale).

West Sumba Regency is located on the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. On the island there are four districts, among others, Kabupaten Sumba Barat, Sumba Barat Daya District, East Sumba district, East Sumba and District. For the island of Sumba, tourists can go to Airport memafaatkan flight Mauhau, Waingapu City, capital of East Sumba Regency from various major cities in Indonesia. If you depart from Jakarta, the plane will make a transit at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali, before the flight to continue toward Waingapu. In this city there is also the port that serves the sea Voyage from the island of Sumbawa, Flores Island, Timor Island and the cruise ship Pelni services. City of Waingapu, tourists can take advantage of public transportation such as bus or rent a service for travel to the location Pasola District in West Sumba.

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