Sunday, June 14, 2009

Food Traditional Betawi (Soto Betawi)

Soto Betawi is popular in the area of Jakarta. Like Soto Madura and first-born, Soto Betawi also uses jeroan. In addition jeroan, organs are often also included, such as eye, penis, and also the heart. Food traders typically Betawi said, not only the Betawi people who idolize food but also from some non-Betawi people from outside Jakarta. People who like Soto Betawi derived from the Bekasi, Depok and Bogor. During this soto Betawi identical with the sense of dressing, and beef tripe. The merit will be the attractiveness of the consumer. Types offered no soto mie, soto daging tripe, and beef soto feet.

Some of the reasons that consumers are choosing food interesting Soto Betawi.

They claim to have been like this because the taste of food and meat sauce.

This senada also expressed by other small shop owners Soto Betawi in Meruya, West Jakarta, Jamhari (56). He said; with the unique cuisine offered in the Soto Betawi now get a place in society. According soto cuisine offered and the to be is store Soto leather foot with beef cattle is also spongy mixture of spices and spice to taste.

"If we have the image in the sense of distinctive cuisine Soto Betawi culture, consumer society itself will come to buy," said the man who has started a business stalls Soto Betawi with his wife since 1975. Jamhari said its customers in addition to the community also come from Jakarta Tanggerang and Bekasi. He was also pleased food still is fancied by the public. According to him it is important to preserve the unique culture of food native region.

"During this community has been contamination cuisine with imports from outside. We do not often feel proud of the culinary culture of our region. In this important," he said.

Meanwhile, the owner of a stall in Street pickle Betawi Cambodia, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, Mansyur General Assembly (45), said efforts to progress at this time and known enough people Mansyur the pickle business is business betawi from generation to generation since his family started in 1968 by her grandmother. Now food typical pickle Betawi two pickle the fruit and vegetable pickle.

According Mansyur, people like pickle because of the variations of fresh vegetables such as salad, cucumber, and cabbage and mix in white, peanuts, and crackers. According to the material even though this is a common, but the excess of feeling pickle, spicy, sweet, and so ASEM differences. He is also the typical pickle business Betawi, result can be reached Rp200 to Rp450 thousand per thousand. He was also able to cultivate pride in the food culture of the area.

"Alhamdulillah I can be proud to cultivate food and typical Betawi are now a lot of people still tune," said Mansyur. However, the fans pickle food Betawi hope this can be more widespread. Sales not only in particular regions, but in many branches of them already have. This is according to some residents due to unique native Betawi food is still difficult to search.

"If the fans as I can pickle Betawi, food typically has a lot of branches. So not difficult," said one buyer pickle Mansyur Betawi, Hendra (26) who lived in Cipinang, East Jakarta.

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