Monday, June 22, 2009

Lembah Baliem Suku Asmat - Dani

Located in the district of Jayawijaya hinterland with its capital of Papua Wamena, located in a beautiful valley with the name Baliem spread throughout the valley 80 km from The Edge to edge with a width of less than 20 km, Surrounded by mountains and forests, lie down like a garden, mountain and curvature honai, traditional house is almost entirely isolated from the world but can still reach the plane in the water for about 40 minutes from the Sentani Airport.

Native of the Dani Tribe Baliem valley is renowned as a Skilled farmers using the stone ax, scraper tool, a knife made of animal bone, bamboo or wooden stick and a Spear cut. After the founding of the Dutch town of Wamena the Catholicity and enter this developing area.
Contact means of the City of Wamena District to Other Districts and transportation is via air. Some of the city districts in this region can be linked to the road with motor vehicles using two and four wheels.

Called "Dani" for groups of people who inhabit Baliem Valley is actually given by the United States and the Netherlands for Moni people who lived in high Paniai (Moni: foreigners). Moni said further changes to this ndani for those living in Baliem. Baliem valley residents call themselves their own "nut akuni pallimeke" (from our Baliem).

Dense forests in the mountains Jayawijaya is "home" Dani Tribe.

They live from hunting and results of forest rivers around their village. Jungle and the heterogeneous nature Baliem Dani men formed to be a "soldier-soldier" respite. They are the experts "forestry" is brave in maintaining the "house" them from the foreign interference. Violation zone rules and customs by the foreign soldiers will be faced-soldier Dani, to enable the occurrence of war (wim abiyokoi). However they also know the peace (gualim kong) as the settlement of disputes.

In addition to utilizing the forest, soil fertility Baliem valley potential for processed information. For that is the Dani Tribe of forest into a farm-field agriculture.

Clearing a field and the defense is the task of security men Dani. While Planting and maintenance of the plant, which requires more sensitivity to the feelings of a natural task of women. This division of tasks has occurred in their settlements. The task of opening a forest settlement, to build, and maintain peace is the task of men. Maintain residential, including "grow-development" next generation is the task of women. This is the concept in "conquering" Baliem wildlife.

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