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Alat Musik Tradisional anggklung

Angklung is a traditional musical instrument which comes dar Indonesia Tanah Sunda, made of bamboo, be pronounced in a way that in the shake (noise caused by the impact of bamboo pipes commands) so that the sound vibrates in the order in which tones 2, 3, up to 4 tones in every size, both large and small. Pitch (tone) as a musical instrument Angklung music tradition is the most salendro Sunda and pelog.

In stock art that uses bamboo musical instrument from a known type of art called the Angklung. The type of bamboo used as a musical instrument is Awi wulung (black bamboo) and Awi temen (white bamboo). Purwa appearance Angklung music instrument; each tone (pitch) generated from the sound of bamboo-shaped tube that wilahan (batangan) each segment of bamboo, size small to large.

Angklung is a musical instrument that came from West Java. Angklung gubrag in Jasinga, Bogor, is one that is still alive since more than 400 years past. Appear was from ritus rice. Angklung is created and played for the temple of Goddess Sri down to Earth so that people grow rice fertile.

Sunda known by the public since the kingdom of Sunda, between them as the spirit in penggugah. Angklung blower function as the spirit of the people still continue to feel at the time of colonization, that is why the Dutch had Angklung prohibit the public use, the prohibition was to create the popularity of Angklung and Decreased only in play by children at the time .

Origin of the music of bamboo, such as based on the views Angklung Sundanese people who live with the agrarian life of the source of rice (pare) as a Staple food. This is the birth of the mythical trust Nyai Sri Pohaci as a symbol of our life Dewi Padi (hirup-hurip).

Contemplation Sunda first community in agricultural work (tatanen) especially in the rice fields and huma gave birth to the creation of a song and Poetic homage and tribute to the Sri Pohaci Nyai, and efforts nyinglar (tolak troops) so that they do not match the Planting to invite catastrophe, both interference and pest disaster in nature. Syair buhun song to honor Sri Pohaci Nyi are for example:

Oyong Si-oyong
Waru Sawahe the inclined
Sawahe ujuring eler
Sawahe ujuring etan
Solasi flute Dami
Menyan white pengundang deity
Gods widadari
Panurunan the patang puluh

Then the songs of the Dewi Sri is accompanied by the sound of train tabuh made of bamboo rod-rod that was simple and the structure was born bamboo musical instrument that we know now the Angklung. Development of the next game in the tradition Angklung also be accompanied with the elements of movement and ibing (dance), which ritmis (ber-wirahma) with the patterns and rules = rules in accordance with the needs of a particular ritual homage to accompany the rice paddy to the barn (ngampih pare, nginebkeun), also at the time mitembeyan, the Planting of rice in some places in West Java called ngaseuk.

Similarly, at the time of harvest festival and the games are seren taun Angklung. Especially in the serving of Angklung ceremonies associated with the rice, this becomes an art show is a Pageant or helaran, even in a place where a convoy Rengkong and Dongdang and Jampana (stretcher food) and so forth.

In its development, Angklung to develop and spread to the entire Java, then to Kalimantan and Sumatra. Recorded in 1908 on a cultural mission from India to Thailand, among others, by delivering Angklung, and this game is the music of bamboo had spread there.

In fact, since 1966, Udjo Angklung Ngalagena leaders to develop a technique based on the game pitch-barrel pelog, salendro, and start-madenda teach how to play Angklung many people from various communities.

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