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Pempek Palembang Traditional Food Indonesia

Pempek or Empek-empek Palembang is a typical food made from fish and sago. In fact it is difficult to say that the center is pempek Palembang is because in almost all areas in South Sumatra produce.

Serve accompanied by the sauce pempek black-brown color called chocolate vinegar or cuko (Palembang language). Cuko made from water that heated, and added brown sugar, Cayenne tumbuk, garlic, and salt. Cuko friend is eating pempek the faithful, made spicy to increase appetite. There are also sweet for the cuko do not like spicy.

Type pempek is the famous "pempek Submarine" is a chicken egg is wrapped with the pempek dough and fried in hot oil. There are also others such as pempek lenjer, pempek rounded (or familiar with the name "ada'an"), pempek fish skin, pempek pistel (young papaya sliced content that has been spiced stew), pempek small eggs, and pempek curls.

Pempek can easily be found in the entire city of Palembang. Have to sell in the restaurant, there is a cart, and also have a hit. Also, each school canteen certainly have to sell pempek. 1980, pempek seller can assume 1 basket full pempek around the city of Palembang while walking selling food. Pempek now there are two types, namely Parempek mix between Pare and Pempek.

According to history, there have been in Jakarta since pempek entry of Chinese Immigrants to Palembang, which is around the 16-th century, when Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II in the power-Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. Name empek-empek or pempek believed to come from a "stale", which is a descendant of an old man to China.

Based on Folklore, about a year in 1617 fuggy aged 65 years living in the area of assembly (edge Musi River) are concerned about witnessed abundant catch of fish in the River Musi. Of the catch is not entirely used correctly, and only a fried dipindang. The Sweaty and then try an alternative to other processing. He Giling mix the fish meat with tapioca flour, so that the resulting new foods. New food sold by the Sweaty biking around the city. Therefore, it is called as "stale pek ...", then the food is finally known as empek-empek or pempek. [1]

However, this story of the people should be more because of new cassava Portuguese introduced the nation to India in the 16 century. In addition velocipede (bicycle) new, known in France and Germany in the 18 century. However pempek is a very possible adaptation of Chinese food such as fish Baso, kekian or ngohyang.

Initially made from fish pempek Belida. However, with increasingly rare and expensive price Belida fish, fish, fish is replaced with a cork cheaper price, but with the feeling that remains palatable.

In the next development, also used other types of river fish, such as fish putak, toman, and persuasion. Also used the type of fish such as sea Tenggiri, Kakap Red, parang-parang, yellow tail, and the fish.

Pempek one of the dough, there are many foods that can be produced, depending on the composition and processing, and end the pattern continued. Are Laksan, Tekwan, Model, and Celimpungan. Laksan and celimpungan presented in a sauce containing coconut milk, and while the model presented in tekwan dressing that contains the elephant ear, head of the shrimp, and other spices

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